ritabraun.com is the new home for braunandcompany.com.

I write and edit blogposts, articles, web content, reports, and whitepapers that help deepen connections between your target market and reason for being. Recently, I’ve begun creating and providing content management to simple websites.

With 20 years experience in real estate, mortgage banking, education, and competitive and marketing intelligence, I work with both companies and individuals to meet their publication goals.

For a free consultation on how to scope your project, contact me.

Writing Expertise

Working mostly as a ghost writer, writing genres include financial education for targeted audiences and policy and procedures. The quick takeaway here is that my talents lie in explaining how to do things—the type of content found in How To publications and many blog posts.

Editing Expertise

Developmental Editing or Substantive Editing

A focus on the whole document to help you assess whether it meets your goals, speaks to your audience in a language it understands, and flows in a way that best tells your story. This type of editing often includes reorganizing and rewriting large chunks of text.

Line Editing

A focus on paragraph structure, sentence flow, word choice, and readability. This type of editing often includes shuffling around sentences, economizing on the number of words in them, and upping the power of your prose.


In short, shoring up your grammar and punctuation and preparing it for the final proof prior to publishing.

Web development Expertise

Using the Jupiter, Elementor, and Beaver Builder theme plugins for drag and drop design, I create simple websites for clients wanting a clear message of who they are, what they do, and a call to action.

Center for Native Plants (co-developed with the Flathead Beacon Productions: Jupiter theme)
Forestoration, Inc. (co-developed with Fly Girls Media; Beaver Builder plugin)
InsideOut Career Direction (Elementor plugin)